Jimmy Page

08 Aug 1998

'Come with Me' which I recorded with Puff Daddy was released

The single 'Come with Me' was part of the soundtrack to the film Godzilla.

I recorded my guitar at CTS Studio in Wembley, London via an ISDN line to Sean Combs at the Record Plant in LA and a video link between the two venues. After the guitar recording a director was on hand to film my part of what was to become the promo video for the song. I was working to a blue screen on this and I thought they did a clever job the way they included the performance in the final cut.

I wore a Raf Simons jacket and a snakeskin print shirt that 'Mr. Daddy' had made positive remarks about during the link up! This was a fun project to be involved with. When the recordings were completed at CTS, Diddy said he was off to overdub the orchestra on it.

These photographs were taken at Daddy's House Studio in New York City. This was the first time for me to hear the final mix. He had clearly applied a lot of imagination to this and he'd done a really good job.