Jimmy Page



With The Black Crowes


Jimmy Page Discography

Live Yardbirds

Released: 7 September 1971

Side One

Title Length
1. Train Kept A-Rollin' 3:10
2. You're A Better Man Than I 6:50
3. I'm Confused 6:47
4. My Baby 3:00

Side Two

Title Length
1. Over, Under, Sideways, Down 2:39
2. Drinking Muddy Water 3:16
3. Shapes of Things 2:48
4. White Summer 4:19
5. I'm a Man 11:59


"The performance also reveals just how far out in front of the psychedelic pack the Yardbirds were by the spring of 1968; Page had pushed the envelope about as far as he could, in terms of high-velocity guitar pyrotechnics... mostly because the Yardbirds were still juggling three sounds: the group's progressive pop/rock past, the psychedelia of 1968, and a harder, more advanced blues-based sound. It's clear that they had few places left to go with the first two; "Dazed and Confused," by contrast, represented something new, a slow blues as dark, forbidding, and intense as anything that the band had ever cut -- it showed where Page, if not this band, was heading"

- Bruce Elder,